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The race!!!

Posted on: December 22, 2009 10:04 am
The race that was one of the biggest arguments all summer for UK and UNC fans turned out to not be much of a race at all.  After this summer of message board chatter you could tell it was obvious to both fan-bases that this was a significant mark.  The mark wont be significant in a few weeks and most people wont remember who made it first about 40 years from now when the 3000 mark comes up.  This was much more than that though.  It's bragging rights.  When UNC fans spout off about their head to head against UK we can say hey we made it first.  If that doesn't bother them then we can always say at least we got 7(soon hopefully 8).
In the last few weeks UNC fans have downplayed the race and saying it's no big deal.  This probably happened because the race became less of a race and more of a UK celebration act.
To other schools that haven't even got 1000 wins yeah you don't understand why it means a lot.  You've not had the history and never will.  To put it into perspective out of the hundreds of schools only 4 have more than 1800 wins and they are UK, UNC, Kansas, and Duke in that order.  A school from New Jersey was playing in their 100th game last night and going for win number 10 and by the way they didn't get it.  So they are now 1991 wins behind UK.  Only one other school has more wins that that difference and that's UNC.  
To other team's fans:  I'm sorry that UK fans make big deals about everything but everything basketball related is a big deal to us.  We are a great fan-base and some of us come off as a-holes but it's like that in every fan-base.  We are just more passionate.
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Posted on: December 22, 2009 10:18 am

The race!!!

I also want to thank every single UK player to ever play.Thanks to: Jamal Mashburn, Dan Issel, Kyle Macy, Tony Delk, Scott Padgett, Ron Mercer, Jeff Shepherd, Rex Chapman, Patrick Patterson, John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Darius Miller, Darnell Dodson, Daniel Orton, Ramon Harris, Deandre Liggins, Perry Stevenson, Josh Harrellson, Jon Hood, Mark Krebs, Joe Crawford, Ramel BRadley, Jodie Meeks, Jared Carter, Antoine Walker, Rajon Rondo, Randolph Morris, Walter MCcarty Derek Anderson, NAzr Mohammad, Bill Spivey, Alex Groza, Ralph Beard, Pat Riley, Kenny Walker, Travis Ford, Richie Farmer, Sean Woods, Cameron Mills and so many others.

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